About CCC

Mitarbeiterin bei der Analyse am Schreibtisch

The facility was created and qualified in the Year 2006 as the result of the collaboration between a service provider and a major automotive supplier.
To date we have performed tens of thousands of analysis. With this vast experience, the analysis facility is established in the market.
In the year 2009 they came to be known as the CasoCleanCheck GbR.

The company CasoCleanCheck has been accredited since March 2013 according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The increased demands on the cleanliness of the components not only for the companies but also for us motivate our employees to attend regular training courses.

In order to offer our clients a wide range of services in the area of the technical cleanliness.
We develop with qualified partners innovative solutions and training courses for our customers. We also conduct audits and consultations on site.


Premises and analysis equipment:

Blick ins Labor
Unsere Räume wie das Lager, der Extraktionsraum, und der Auswertungsraum sind voneinander getrennt. Das Raumklima im Extraktionsraum wird stets kontrolliert.

The rooms such as the warehouse, the extraction room, and the evaluation room are separated.The conditions of the extraction room are always controlled.

In addition, there is a permanent, draft-free room air filtration.

The equipment is on the cutting edge of technology and is constantly monitored and maintained.