Technical features:

  • ZEISS EVO MA 15 – scanning electron microscope for high vacuum and variable pressure range.
  • Computer-controlled SEM with tungsten cathode
  • Three-lens electron optics OptiBeam-ray control
  • Variable pressure range between 10Pa – 400Pa
  • Easy VP pressure adjustment from HV to VP without changing the pressure reducing screens
  • Gas inlet: air

Specified location resolution (secondary electrons):

3.0nm at 30kV (ETSE)
3.4nm at 30kV (VPSE)
4.0nm at 30kV im BSD
8.0nm at 3kV im Hochvakuum
Acceleration voltage: 0.2V-30 kV
Special current: 0.5pA – 5µA


  • SmartPI particle analysis with a Bruker XFlash6-10
  • Detector: 10mm² with a resolution of 129 eV
  • Software Bruker: Quantax Basic
  • SmartSEM


  • Fully automated material analysis of the particles (see example report according to ISO16232)
  • Recording of up to five filters simultaneously
  • Specific recipes for particle analysis
  • Single analysis of relevant particles
  • Fast data recovery

Example report: