Contracting Processes


Contracting Processes
Contracting Processes

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We are happy to welcome you personally to clarify the details and show you our labor.
Delivery of the components:
For shipping and for the “pull” of samples for analysis, the following points should be taken into account:


  • Hairnet
  • Removal of the sample with tools (eg Tweezers)
  • If it is collected by hand, then with surgical gloves (without talc)

Conditions to be observed:

  • Packaging
  • Air environment

Packaging, Storage and Transportation:

• Each sample (each part) packed in a PE bag (suitable: with resealable closure)

  • Parts have to be packaged for transport so that damage or deterioration of the samples does not come in question.

If several components are together and transported in a loose packing, they may rub or hit against each other producing material abrasion. Which can cause a distortion of the result of the cleanliness test

an exception is bulk goods, for example Screws or small parts

Conditions to be observed:

  • Lowest possible periods
  • Vibration-free transport
  • Protected from damage within the package
  • Safe from damage by the packaging
  • If necessary, additional protection from moisture


A foreign pollution that through a messy way of working on the sample ends makes all test results worthless and leads to costly mistakes.
We recommend that all the parts which will be sent to us for analysis to be provided with at least the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Parts Name
  • Part Number
  • Date of sampling
  • Place of sampling

This facilitates the later association.
Improper receipt of samples:

Each, arriving sample which is not clearly labeled or that was obviously contaminated during transport will leads to an automatic rejection. In order to avoid false results and misinterpretations.

For each new component an initial decay curve  is performed to determine the analysis parameters. All subsequent analysis of this component will be performed with the determinate parameters. This means that for the parts which need to be analyzed for the first time, an additional part for the decay curve is need.

In order to document the cleanliness of the analysis device (filtration apparatus), a blank value will be performed for each test